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The winter months are passing by like the wind and soon you will be ditching your parka for the light and flowy spring frocks that you will find online and in stores everywhere across America. While we’re itching to toss on that bright blazer and airy pants, every season brings slightly  different fashion rules that you will need to abide by. After all, you don’t want to be a walking faux pas, do you?

Do These Things If You Want to Rock That Spring Frock:

1. Rise, Hemlines, Rise

Hemlines keep getting shorter and shorter, and we’re not complaining about it one bit. After all, if you’ve got the legs, show them off! We’ve seen short hemlines this season from many of the world’s most famous brands (hello Chanel and Stella McCartney, just to start!) and the trend has taken to the streets. We know we’ll see these hems in various textures and materials worldwide. Be sure to follow the common rule of choosing short OR tight - not both - to avoid that ‘faux pas’ of turning a chic look to tacky. Oh, and moisturize and bronze those legs, too, for some extra attention!

2. Black, Black and More Black

Black is the look of the season, even after a long, dark winter when our wardrobes are inundated with neutrals. After all, you can never go wrong with a little black, are we right ladies? Some fresh black looks that we’ve seen and loved include leather and tulle looks. Don’t forget, shades of black differ, so if you are matching different black pieces ensure that the looks coordinate just right. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures, too, to stand out even more! Don’t be afraid to swap that black frock you’ve rocked all winter for a new, lighter look that’s perfect for spring.

3. Peace, Love and Beautiful Clothing

We are ready to mix a little retro into our wardrobes, are you? We can’t deny the appeal of those bright hues, bell bottom pants and floral garments. If you’re feeling the vibe, you’ll love the spring runways from designers upcoming to well-know, who are wholeheartedly embracing the looks from the ‘60s and ‘70s. While you’ll find some great inspiration online - hello, Pinterest! - some concepts to start getting inspired include some F-U-N-K-Y accessories, wide leg trousers and shift dresses. Don’t forget to toss in some tye-dye!

4. Go Neutral

While neutrals are always in style - they’re back with a vengeance in spring 2019. Pair your favorite neutral t-shirt together with some structured slacks and you’re set. Casual meets work-wear is always in style. But when we’re talking neutral, forget white and navy, beige is the new ‘it’ color of the season. WhoWhatWear has some great neutral-spiration (we had to!) and if you’re hesitant about this formerly ‘blah’ look, you’ll be rushing to look for the perfect beige look ASAP after.

5. Say Hello to Hats of All Sizes!

French designer Jacquemus designed an incredible straw hat hit called La Bomba that was a total smash on all spring 2019 runways - and we know it’s going to be huge across women’s wardrobes worldwide. We’ve already seen it all over Instagram, which is an important indicator whether or not something will make an impact. While this look isn’t exactly practical - it’s over a foot high and two feet wide - it certainly makes a statement. If you aren’t so interested in the impracticalities of fashion, any oversized sun hat should do the trick - and we’re sure that other designers will create a similar look. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.

6. Fringe and Fabulous

If you’re anything like us, you find it hard to resist a little Western-inspired fringe adorning everything from jackets to skirts to handbags, and everything in between. Are you tempted, yet?

Don’t Do These Things If You Want To Look Fab This Season:

1. Stow Away those Dad Sneaks

We know you loved the effortless casual look of dad sneakers while they were super in-style and while you rocked them recently, this look is officially OUT. Find yourself another option for the season that’s just as functional! Some other trendy spring shoe wear ideas that we love include pastel loafers, animal print mules and teva-style sandals.

2. Send the Shimmer Away

Save your sparkles and shimmer for the holidays and keep it lighter for spring! While you might be inclined to bring out a little sparkle that’ll glisten in the glorious sun, people will wonder if you’re dressed for a Christmas miracle. Look for textures that float effortlessly as you walk and feel angelic this way instead!

3. There’s Such Thing as Too Much Color

A splash of color here and there - the steps to success lie in how you implement color successfully into your wardrobe. A fuchsia scarf would look darling with that white sundress, for example, but avoid looking like a walking rainbow by simple wearing a few splashes of color across your wardrobe. Staying true to one color palate could be your best bet!

4. Don’t Shy Away from A Little Fun

It’s important to never forget that fashion is a time for play - and an accidental faux pas could totally be worth that unmissable fashion risk. Wear those bold sunnies that you never imagined you’d reach for on the rack or that menswear look that is far removed from your usual girly flair. You never know when you’ll feel your most confident! The best part? With our clothing rental options, we make it easy-peasy to try without feeling the need to buy.

As we’re preparing our collection for spring and sending those winter options to the back, we cannot wait to see what fashion risks and rewards you’ll reap when you take a chance to look fabulous in spring 2019! But while it’s still winter, be sure to review our ultimate women’s fashion guide, here, that will help you feel on point all the way through the year.