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Are you starting to see music festival fashion everywhere? Are your favorite clothing stores beginning to look like they are being taken over by a bunch of hippies? Don’t worry; your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It’s beginning to look at lot like music festival season. Yes, there is now a season for the wave of musical concerts that begins in the spring and goes through the summer.

The first weekend of Coachella just passed us but the second one is coming and if you’re into country music, then you probably already have tickets for Stagecoach. For a list and lineup to all the hit music festivals in your area, visit Music Festival Central.

You may be wondering what types of clothing styles are popular for festival cruising. One word: bohemian. Still not sure what this style of dress is? We hope our guide will shed some light.


Don’t let crochet scare you. It’s a great textile piece and not your grandmother’s doily! Crochet is feminine and fresh and will offer you some relief as you stroll around the festivals in the heat.


This is one of spring’s biggest trends but not everyone is on board with the bare-their-midriff. We happen to think it it’s a fun way to showcase your style and body. Would you rock one?


What better way to show appreciation to festival style than by wearing a floral pattern? A little floral sundress would showcase this popular and colorful trend perfectly.


You will be walking around on grass and inevitably there will be mud and throw up and who knows what else. Do not, we repeat, do not wear heels. Don’t even wear your cutest wedge. Your feet will thank you.


A hands-free zone is very important when making your way from stage to stage. Don’t dare carry a clutch or a shoulder bag. You will tire much faster having to lug your bag around.


Fringe is very popular this year and even more popular at festivals. Wearing fringe will have you feeling equal parts carefree and equal parts rockstar.