Style blog for The Ms. Collection

Spring is in full swing and so are the latest spring fashion trends for women. As you know, styles come and go and then come right back again. You will see some familiar faces below. There are so many wonderful spring and summer styles that we love { and others we will purposefully not mention }, so let’s get started.


Pastels are everywhere right now and why shouldn’t they be? They are so pretty and don’t have to be worn just on Easter Sunday or on your nails. Our favorite pastels are: mint green, lavender and blush pink.


Wide leg trousers are baaaack! Their size makes them the perfect secret weapon to hide imperfections you may be feeling uncomfortable about.


Tea length skirts typically fall below the calf and above the ankle. We suggest you pair your skirt with heels to stretch the appearance of your body, because its length makes legs appear shorter than they actually are.


Sweatshirts used to be for working out, hence the name. Nowadays, this fashion staple won’t leave you feeling sloppy, but rather, effortlessly chic.


If springs vivid and pastel colors are not for you then add a little black and white in your wardrobe. This classic color trend is one you can never go wrong with.


Jumpsuits are amazing because you don’t have to worry about what goes with what. It’s basically an entire outfit all on its own. Many jumpsuits showcase bold patterns but you may not be fond of this type of look. Style tip: Add a solid color sweater or jacket or even a belt. This will break up the fabric immediately


The beauty of a knee-length Bermuda short is that you can dress it up and dress it down depending on the fabric option you choose. Plus, these shorts will allow you to feel comfortable walking and bending without feeling like you’re thighs are on display.