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Women can wear dresses to attend just about any function they want, if they wear the appropriate dress for the occasion at hand. In other words, a woman cannot wear something as formal as a black-tie dress to a simple beach day, whereas a woman can also not wear something as casual as a button-up dress to a wedding. That’s just not how fashion etiquette is supposed to be.

You may want to rent a dress for a one-time occasion, or for everyday wear. We can help you with both of these needs, but let’s cover special occasion dresses for now. You could go to your favorite boutique or clothing store, try on a bunch of dresses, and purchase the one that looks right for the event you’ll be attending. Or, you could instead seamlessly rent a dress from us! Whether you’re looking for baby shower dresses, casual wedding dresses, cocktail party dresses, or first date dresses, you’ll be able to find it with us. Instead of spending time typing into Google “dress rental near me,” you could sign up for our service and have these dresses sent right to your door. But we’ll talk about that a little later.

Let’s get started on our first area of business: The Right Dress for the Right Occasion.

What Is the Right Occasion to Rent a Dress?

Fashion etiquette has changed throughout the years, hence why we aren’t wearing the same outfits and dresses we were back in the early 90s. It just means we have to keep up with the current trends, make sure we don’t clash a color or a style with an occasion, and try our best to not miss an opportunity or event to wear the perfect dress.

With that being said, we’re going to show you the fashion ropes of dress apparel.


It's almost wedding season!

Back in the day, fashion advisors would tell women that wearing black, red, or white to a wedding was a no-go; that’s not true anymore (well, at least not all of that is true anymore).

Now, black and red are perfectly fine to wear to a wedding. In fact, many women find black to be an appealing color, especially when worn in a dress. It gives women the confidence they need to look slimmer and sexier.

On the other hand, white is still absolutely the worst color to wear to a wedding by far. You don’t want to outshine the bride or her wedding day! Stay away from white entirely, and be cautious of creams too.

When it comes to what you can wear to a wedding, the options are endless, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss certain aspects of regular everyday dress guidelines. Pay attention to the formality of the wedding, and also the season of when the wedding is. You should match your dress with the colors of that particular season. For instance, if its spring, go with a pastel-like color; if it’s winter, try leaning towards a darker tone, such as a navy blue or dark maroon. Also, pay attention to the time of day; if it’s during the day, try your best to avoid sequined dresses, as they will not look good in pictures. Instead, look to get a cotton dress. If it’s nice out, go for something strapless and pair it with classy open-toed shoes.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail dresses are always a nice go-to when it comes to cocktail parties. The key here is to go with something that is dressy-casual, as most cocktail parties have some element of class present. For instance, you can go with a nice top with some special details and a slimming skirt, or even tailored pants. Add in some heels or fancy flats, and you’ll be good to go. As for dresses, you can’t go wrong with something in the silky department, especially if it’s form-fitting. One thing we’ll warn you to watch out for is denim; no denim at cocktail parties!

Another small tip on cocktail parties: Beware of where the party is being hosted. When we say this, we mean what area of the world. For instance, Miami and New York have the same upscale feeling, meaning you’ll be required to wear something elegant. On the other side, San Diego is a little bit more relaxed, meaning a styled top and pencil skirt may be able to do the trick just fine.

Business Dinner

Business dinners or a party involving the company you work for can get your nerves in a frenzy when trying to pick out the most appropriate outfit. We understand that you don’t want to wear the same dress you wear to work every day, but you also don’t want to overdo it and look unprofessional. That’s easy! Spice up your outfit and make sure you’re not wearing anything too low-cut or too short.

Let’s look at the situation this way: If you work for a conservative company, you should probably lean towards conservative, business professional clothing for the dinner/party. If it’s a little more relaxed, you’ll be able to dress more comfortably. Put on a pair of nice trousers and pair it with a moderate sweater, detailed blouse, or classy blazer. Remember, don’t be provocative! That won’t get you anywhere in a professional environment.

If you’re planning to wear a dress, as we’ve been hinting at this entire time, aim to get a wrap dress in a darker shade, or a long sleeve sheath dress. Add some bold accent jewelry to the neck-high dress and you’ll be sure to impress businessmen and businesswomen alike.

Job Interview

Many generations have told us women that wearing a suit to a job interview is the way to go, but that’s not always the case. In fact, dresses can show you mean business, too.

Sheath dresses are ideal for job interviews, and for good reason. Specifically speaking, those of you applying for a job in the design, media, retail, or technology field can definitely pull this look off for their first, or even second, interview. Add in a wide belt to give the dress some accessory, and then factor in whether a cardigan would be appropriate for the day and time. Cardigans may come in handy when it comes to the weather, too.

If you don’t feel like wearing a dress to your job interview, you can always go back to the classic suit option. One thing you should never do is resort to jeans, as jeans may communicate that you did not take the time to dress for the occasion. You always want to give off a great first impression, so show up clean and looking polished.

Always make sure your clothing is clean and ironed, no matter what outfit you choose. Stay away from anything provocative, tight, clingy, plunging, and skimpy.

Religious Ceremonies

Religious ceremonies can range from a Baptism, a Bar Mitzvah, or even everyday Sunday church. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to wear the proper attire. That means it’s time to bring out the fine clothing, anything floral will do! There are other options, though.

When you’re trying to decide what to wear to one of these functions, be sure to drift away from dresses and clothing that are low-cut or clinging to the body. Also, it’s wise to stay away from dresses and outfits that are too serious when you’re attending a celebratory event, such as a Baptism. For instance, you don’t want to wear a dark navy blue to a Baptism filled with bright colors; instead, you’ll want to lean towards a delicate pink or a rosy red. You’re also welcomed to wear a dress with an array of colors when attending a celebratory event, like floral print, as stated above.

If you need a suggestion for attending a Baptism, here it is: Wear a cocktail dress! You can never go wrong with this attire. Be sure to cover up with a classy jacket or shawl when in the church, as exposed shoulders can be seen as a lack of respect.

photography of inside black structure
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Back in the day, everyone was required to wear black to symbolize their mourning for the person who had passed away. This, however, is no longer the case. Though black is preferred, it is not mandatory. What will always be mandatory is that all clothing be respectful?

A good rule of thumb to go by is to always convey the somberness of the funeral or wake. With that being said, colors such as navy, brown, and forest green are acceptable at such events. If you like to add patterns to your attire, you’re able to do so for this occasion, as long as they are dark and discreet to the eye. If you’d like to dress the outfit up, be sure to pick out accessories that are quiet and classic. Pearls and studs will do just fine. DO NOT add accessories that are bright and stand out.

Keep in mind that if you have to think twice on the outfit, it’s probably not the best fit for the sad day/night ahead.

First Impressions

The most well-known first impression you’ll make is probably a first date, especially with the rise of online dating sites. You may also want to make a good first impression when meeting your potential in-laws for the first time or when you’re going to school for your first parent-teacher meeting for your child. Whichever it may be, we have you covered.

Take this tip: Dress true to yourself. Wear something that shows who you are, but make sure it’s not too risky (plunging, showing too much leg, etc.). Pick something out that makes you feel confident. If you feel good in royal blue, wear royal blue; if you feel good in red, wear red. The key is to wear something that you feel comfortable in. You wouldn’t want to be pulling at your top all night because it’s too tight.

Keep in mind, you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to avoid those eyebrow-raisers. For a first date, go with a nice and classy wrap dress; make sure it’s feminine and leaves something to the imagination. For a first meeting with the in-laws, ask your significant other how dressy you should be and select your dress from there.

Dress Rental Near Me

Remember how we referenced dress shopping, and how we mentioned that renting a dress may be easier than buying one and wasting all of that money for just one occasion? Well, we’re going to talk about it in more detail now.

Renting clothing and curating styled looks is what we are known for. Our team of stylists will study your Style Profile upon sign up. We will take your sizes, preferences, and feedback into account, to pick out the perfect outfits and dresses for you. We will also factor in the weather in your area to tailor to your needs the best we can.

Once you get the clothing and/or specific dress you’re looking for that special occasion, you can wear it for as long as you like. Mix and match with your own wardrobe, that way you can create your own go-to outfits. When you’re done wearing the items, you’ll have the option to either buy them for a member discount or return them. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can repeat the process over and over again!

What’s the best part? You’ll be able to rent several new looks in each pack, for the cost of a single top at your local clothing store. Basically, you’ll pay one low monthly fee to receive many clothing options instead of just one. Plus, there are no shipping fees whatsoever. We’ll take care of shipping both ways! Every pack you get is delivered directly to your door, so you don’t have to worry about searching on and on for dress rental places, or clothing rental places near you. We’ll even add a bonus: we take care of the dry cleaning too!

To become a member and start renting dresses, and much more,

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