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Ladies, you’ve said goodbye to the 2018 year, and you’ve welcomed 2019 with open arms. You’re all ready for a fresh start. So, what does this fresh start entail?

New years resolutions (in hopes that they come true), getting fit (trying to stay away from those sweets!), and a super fantastic love life (because who doesn’t want their very own Prince Charming?).

While we can't necessarily help you with your fitness and weight goals, or where to go to possibly meet your Prince Charming, we are, however, able to give you the next best thing: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for 2019!

Check out the main looks categorized and laid out for you below and have fun with your daily look!

Country Look

That western style that every woman is bound to love at some point in their lives is very popular this year! Ladies are starting to like country music and country lovin’ more and more, and with that comes country style.

You can go about this one of two ways: The classy route or the spunky route.

If you go with the classy route, odds are you’ll be sporting a button-down plaid shirt along with some nice skinny jeans or short shorts (depending on the weather, of course). Add in your favorite pair of cowgirl boots and the outfit will be complete.

If you go with the spunky route, you’ll be sure to add in some feisty colors. Pantone color of the year in 2019 is Living Coral. Such a perfect color to achieve this country look, or any look! An off-the-shoulder coral top paired with your fave jean shorts, will bring all the country boys to your flamingo filled yard. ;)

closeup photography of red long-neck bird
Photo by Ashley Satanosky / Unsplash

Sporty Look

woman standing on dock
Photo by Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

Many women are getting into the habit of going to the gym regularly, and if you’re one of those women, good for you! Stick to it. And, while you’re at it, make sure you wear either basic attire to do your workouts or stick with one brand of sports attire. For instance, if you’re a Nike girl, stick to Nike outfits, if you’re an Adidas girl, stick to Adidas.

On the other hand, if you’re just trying to wear the sporty look and you’re not trying to be active, we can help you out. Try the simple version of the sporty look first. Pick out any cute white T-shirt, cropped or not, and a nice pair of black sweatpants that hug your curves in the right places. The only thing you’ll need to tie the outfit together now is a pair of statement sneakers! If you want to stick to the black and white theme of the outfit we provided, go for it. If you’re feeling bold, mix some colors into those sneakers and make them pop!

A Night Out

Whether it’s a night out with the girls, or a night out with your significant other, you’re gonna want to get dressy. Head to your closet and let’s get to picking!

Two of the most stylish outfits for a night out this year are going to be as follows:

  1. Work that jumpsuit! Make sure it’s flashy! The sequin jumpsuits are significantly making a glamorous approach to the 2019 fashion scene, some of them are even accompanied by wide belts around the waist, just to give it that extra flair.
  2. Go classic! High waisted pants and jeans are still totally in style, and they aren’t said to make their way out of the scene any time soon. Pair them with a nice silk or satin top, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere! Our advice? Aim for colors that contradict yet flatter one another. For instance, if you’re going with a light high waisted jeans, pick out a dark maroon top to give it that extra pop it needs. Add in some faux leather earrings, and the look will be 100% complete.

Time to Get Cozy

Fall and Winter have us feeling like we want to cozy on up in our bed and not go out into the world. However, we’re all adults, and we can’t do that whenever we please.

So, what gets us going in the morning? Styling our members with cozy looks to be mixed and matched with items from your own closet! Trust us, when it’s time to get cozy, you will have all the right warm knits pulled and sent to you. To complement and expand these looks, review the items in your own closet and drawers. You would be surprised at how many cute looks can be created!

Keep in mind, getting cozy doesn’t mean it’s freezing outside, it just means you need a little extra heat on your body than you normally would. If you want to get cozy, try throwing on a basic comfy T-shirt (of your color choice), with a “popcorn” cardigan over it. “Popcorn” cardigans are only called what they’re called due to the pronounced stitching each one has.

As for the bottoms, we suggest to select your favorite jeans and booties. You know that good ol' trusty pair you just can't live without. Or, if you don't have a fave pair, just ask your stylist to send you jeans. If you would prefer to show off some leg, you could even rock a knit pleated skirt. Add some tights, booties, and a neutral headband to complete the look.

It’s Getting Chilly

Now, it’s getting chilly, and not just in the cozy-up type of way.

If it’s super cold out and all you want to do is bundle up to get to your car as quick as possible, heed our advice: invest in a good pleather jacket! They’re super cute, comfy, and versatile. You could wear a statement jacket like the one shown in the picture, or stick to something more classic, like black. Add a nice scarf in the mix with whatever color you’re wearing for the jacket.  

If you’re in the mood for comfy pants, get some cargo pants! They're a huge trend of 2019, but do remember to keep clothing on your upper body more fitted since your bottoms will be so loose and oversized. You’ll have so much range of motion as you glide through your day.

Keep in mind, if you’re looking for a way to try these outfits out without regretting purchasing them for the full cost, try out clothing rentals with our women's styling service, The Ms. Collection! Or, if you have a special man in your life who could use a little style help, check out our men's styling service, The Mr. Collection. Clothing rental will allow you to rent clothes and accessories you want to try, without having to pay the astronomical price for all the pieces. Just rent, wear, and return when ready. You can repeat this process as much as you would like until you find the outfits you love.

P.S. Belt bags and puffy-sleeved shirts are still in, too, so add them somewhere in your wardrobe!