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The fall and winter seasons offer extensive options that make for the perfect gift for the women in your life. From the classic cardigan or tweed jacket, to modern takes on the statement sweater and to one of the trends of the moment - athleisurewear, there are a full range of selections during the colder months to suit all tastes. In no particular order, the following are a list of potential gifts that are worthy of any woman's closet. Not only do they boast exceptional style and versatility, but these items possess the staying power to wear for several months.

The Classic Tee and Button-Down

Every woman should have the quintessential basics for the fall and winter seasons, and the classic tee is an excellent gift idea that is a must-have. A relaxed fit, brushed cotton option can be layered under a statement sweater or on its own paired with a pair of corduroy pants. From muted tones to even prints and stripes, tees can be worn every day as that perfect discreet additional layer. As another great gift option, a long-sleeve button-down works as a great anchor for an array of styles. This is a classic option that will never go out of style and that can be dressed up or dressed down for the occasion. Pair with a statement necklace and you are ready to go!

Choosing the Classic Tote, Finding the Perfect Bag

Every woman should own a classic tote or oversized bag that works as both a functional accessory and definitive style statement. A great tote with large handles makes for a perfect gift item, with many other options available in canvas or suede to easily transition from a day to evening look. During the winter months, a chic commuter bag that can hold all of your things in a functional way is a welcome addition to a woman's style.

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Skirts, Maxi and Knit Dresses

The best part of the colder months of the year is the amount of layering potential that gives women countless ways to showcase personal style. As a gift item, there are an assortment of classic pieces that can be worn and layered throughout the fall and winter seasons. A knit dress can be worn dressed up or down, paired with a statement tee or with a chunky sweater. A trend that's always in style and intricately connected to the season is a leopard or animal print design skirt that showcases a woman's feminine side and pairs perfectly with a mock turtleneck or fitted blazer. As a must-have for any woman, a long, flowy maxi dress in a dark, muted color makes for an ideal gift that transitions with ease from day to night.

The Casual Cardigan

No closet should be without a few classic fit cardigans in muted tones or ones that pop with color to be layered with just about any outfit. Not only are they extremely versatile and can be worn to any type of occasion, but are easily matched with many items in a woman's wardrobe.

Caps and Hoodies

Athleisurewear is apparel that is trending big for a reason - it is stylish, sleek, comfortable, and a simple approach to style that works not only in the gym, but on concrete jungles as well. A fleece hoodie serves as a functional and fun fabric that is soft to the touch and serves as a warm outer layer. There are fleece hoodies in understated colors or those with lighter hues to satisfy every woman's taste.


Leggings are a must-have for the winter months that are a part of every woman's collection, perfect for adding a layer of of warmth under a denim skirt or paired with an oversized button-down shirt. The fall and winter seasons mean leggings are a great gift option and come in several styles from plaid to prints, dark solid hues, and so much more.

Fall Denim

Denim is unquestionably for every season, but the colder months dictate fits and materials that serve a woman's collection best. Dark denim jeans come available in a vast selection of sizes and styles, with a great pair making for a lovely gift idea that can be worn across several months and with classic basic items or a layered, sleeke look.

Turtlenecks and Statement Sweaters

Whether a mock design or the classic turtleneck, both styles have been updated for the current style landscape, whether worn as is or layered beneath a cashmere sweater or pencil skirt. A lightweight cotton turtleneck in a bold, statement color is a great gift idea for the winter seasons. A definitive, cozier option as a possibility is an oversized statement sweater that features an artistic logo or expressive theme. Fabrics to consider include a cotton and/or wool blend, or even cashmere, all of which make for an excellent gift to add to a woman's winter collection.

Beyond the Trenches - Selecting a Jacket or Blazer

During the fall and winter seasons, women spend many days in and out of blazers, jackets, trenches, and various types of overcoats. There are a few that are fashion staples, while others have been modernized and are currently trending. A retro jacket in colorful suede or dark leather is a great addition for colder months and is both comfortable and a great vintage look. Another trending option to consider as a gift are military and bomber jackets that showcase an updated, classic style for women. Choose from khaki or olive tones for an understated look, or perhaps dark orange or red for a bolder approach. A stalwart of the season and a quintessential piece is the trenchcoat, which has been slightly updated as of late, yet comes still with an elevated sense of style. Able to withstand all of the elements, a fitted weatherproof trenchcoat is an attractive, practical gift item for her.

Big on Boots

The fall and winter months dictate that feet must be adequately covered and protected from the elements. This necessity doesn't have to come at a stylistic cost, however. In fact, the colder months are an ideal time to bring out the leather and suede options that pop throughout the season. Knee-high leather boots with a chunky heel, mid-calf boots or suede booties say 'fall', but are also comfortable and versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways and just about anywhere. As a gift item, a woman is guaranteed to get lots of traction from them over the colder months.

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Final Considerations

The perfect gift item is waiting for you among this list, and no matter what her style preferences may be, the clothes and accessories featured here are destined to resonate in every woman's wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons.